A Yogi In LA


Hi, I’m Blake Abramovitz. I specialize in teaching private yoga and meditation.

My private sessions will equip you with straightforward, efficient techniques that you can take home and practice, and so begin integrating real spirituality into your life in a concrete way.

Perhaps not unlike you, I’m a driven, creative and sensitive person trying to make sense of big-city life.

An artist in Hollywood for nearly twenty years, I understand what it’s like to compete in intense, exciting industries, and to feel pulled in different directions by career, art, spirituality, family, and fun. Finding the right balance can be a hard thing to pull off.

Like many ambitious Angelenos, I needed a way to calm down, slow down, enjoy life more fully. There was a nagging emptiness underneath my striving. I needed to connect with something deep and heartfelt, a source of meaning and joy.

These practices didn’t magically fix all my problems, but they have helped make my life more vibrant, and easier to handle day by day.

The simple techniques I teach can help you do that too. A sincere yoga and meditation practice can energize your creative endeavors while also keeping you grounded, even at the center of the storm.

I look forward to working with you!